Jeff Blatnick actively volunteers his time and energy to the following Groups, Associations and Civic Organizations:
United States Olympic Committee · Leukemia Society of America · American Cancer Society · United Way · Multiple Sclerosis · Make a Wish Foundation · Childrens Hospitals · Hospice · SIDS · State Games Organizations · Jimmy Fund · Camp Sunshine · Cancer Survivors Network · Games for the Physically Challenged · Special Olympics · Mary Fund · YMCA · Communion Breakfasts · Rotary · Elementary-High Schools · Telethons · Center for the Disabled · Boy Scouts · Cancer Treatment Centers · Chamber of Commerce · Church Groups · Community Centers · ChildHelp USA

Blatnick is also involved with the Health/Sports industry. Jeff works to encourage participation in wellness activities.
President's Council on Fitness and Sport - Member
President Clinton appointed Blatnick at a Rose Garden Ceremony.

National Fitness Leaders Association - Member
Jeff works with the leaders of business and organizations dedicated to improving the health of all Americans.

Board of Directors, USA Wrestling - Member
Jeff helps govern and administer the sport of wrestling. Duties include budget, public relations and policies.

Honorary Coach, NY Special Olympics
Jeff Blatnick sees challenge as the key to life. Whether it's challenge born out of adversity, or challenge created to achieve a new level of success, life will always provide the opportunity. Jeff has survived an airplane crash, three major auto wrecks and two bouts with cancer.

"From having cancer to becoming an Olympic Champion, has its moments!"

Let Jeff inspire, empower and motivate you to SUCCESS!!!

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